Pre-wedding photoshoot is quite a new trend. In the era of Instagram, Pre-wedding photoshoot is trend that is only seeing the upward curve. In addition to having a collection of great pictures of the couple, it has many other upsides too. On one side, it helps the couple to know each other better. Whereas, on another side, it helps couple to develop rapport and comfort level with the camera also.

Having said this, there are some important things you need to do at your end for the best pre-wedding photoshoot. Here, we have compiled a check list of all important things which will help you to prepare for your Pre-wedding Photoshoot.

Book Your Photographer:

We have listed this point as a number 1 thing, as this person will make or break your pre wedding shoot – so you need to be wise while choosing.

Key things to look out for when you pick your photographer match:

1) Photography style: Have a look at their past works & portfolio.

2) Budget: Avail their Rate Cards and figure out any additional expenses such as travelling.

3) Reviews: This very crucial, but an easy step in today’s internet era.

Confirm your Location

Once you’ve chosen a suitable photographer, the next important element is the location. To confirm a Location, you need to consider the following:

1) List down Locations for Photography in the city, or nearby cities.

2) Figure out Indoor & Outdoor Photography locations

3) Book by paying charges for entry, photography, etc., if required.

4) Take necessary permissions from Authorities- Local municipal body, police, etc.

5) Arrangement of Travel – Inland or Overseas – Road Travel, Train Tickets, Flight Tickets, etc. 

6) Arrangement of stay, in case the locations are not nearby and can’t be covered in a day.

Fortunately, we have a hack to suggest here! What if you get 40+ backdrops for photography – Indoor & Outdoor – at a single location, where you and your team of photographers and make-up artists visit, and complete the shoot in a day’s time? Sounds Great?

Having a pre-wedding photography done at Cine City can be the best choice as you can completely avoid the hassle of hunting for the photography locations. Being a private property designed specifically for photoshoot, this also avoids having the people staring at you, if you do the photoshoot at public places.

Cine City is a thoughtfully developed photography and videography location spanning over 70000 sqft area near Mumbai considering the needs of people who want to make their pre-wedding photoshoot a never-forgettable experience. Visit now and get ready for the photography experience which is beyond-expectations.

Coordinate Outfits & Props

Now let us talk about the core elements of Pre-wedding Photography- yeah, off course! It’s you and your partner. You both should wear outfits which will look nice on you, complementary to each other and in-sync with the photography location. You need to prepare your outfits ahead of time – You may use something you have, you may buy new ones, or you may rent for a day or two.

Next linked thing is the props that you will need for a more styled photoshoot. You may either buy or DIY, if you have time!

Wait, wait! Again we’ve something to make you feel relaxed here. Cine City also has a wardrobe of outfits which you can rent and use. The outfits suit perfectly to the backdrops. So, no need to carry luggage. Plus, there is a tailor at your service in order to make any required fittings. In addition, Cine City has a wide range of props available at your disposal.

Book your Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist

You will have to plan ahead and Book your Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist as they may have a busy schedule. It is highly recommended to do a trial session with the Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist ahead of your actual shoot to make sure it’s a look you really like.

Depending on the hairstyle you are going for, your Makeup Artist might ask you to make certain changes to your hair prior to the shoot – for instance, dying it a different color to help highlight the braids etc.

Also, you need to get Manicure and Pedicure done as your nails should look nice and neat for the photoshoot. Lots of pre-wedding photos include close-up shots of couples holding hands and the ring, so it would be awkward if your nails were the only imperfect part of the shot.

Prepare Your Poses

Remember that, you have a limited amount of time for the shoot, so it’s a good idea to prepare ahead for poses that you find suitable for you and your partner. This is extremely helpful if you are camera-shy. Practicing before the shoot, can help you get used to it ahead of the actual day. 

Your photographer can definitely help you in this. Besides, at Cine City for each backdrop, they have designed a photo album which gives you clear idea about poses and outfits for that particular backdrop. You may also browse through the gallery at or visit their Insta page.

Ask a Friend or Family Member along to Help

This is also one of the most crucial thing! It is always great to have a helping hand on the day itself – particularly if you have a few outfit changes or prop set up. The photographer usually can help to a small extent, but they typically have heavy equipment on them, and are trying their best to focus on capturing your best moments – so an extra hand who’s not the photographer or groom is the best option. 

At Cine City you can hire assistant who can help you out, if you are not having someone to assist you at the moment.

Carry the Following

If you have done the prep work ahead of time, the actual day of the shoot will be a breeze! 

1) Carry all your outfit changes and props along when you move to the shoot location. 

2) Bring along comfy slippers and blister plasters so you still can put on a smile instead of a grimace hours into shooting. Because heels hurt.

3) Mosquito Repellent: Trust me when I say you do not want to be itching whilst trying to look glamorous at the same time. This is critical if you are doing your photoshoot in the great outdoors. Use the stick on mosquito repellent patches, put on at least four! 

4) Facial Blotter & Wet Tissue: You will perspire. Make sure you have facial blotters and wet tissues for some relief.

5) Mini Makeup Pouch including hair spray: Optional if your Make-up artist is tagging along. If not, bring along some extra lipstick, foundation, blush and hairspray to make sure you can touch up if the perspiration is slowly causing the makeup to run.

6) Umbrella / Portable fans / Heat Packs: If you have an extra friend/ family member to help out, they can help relieve some of the crazy side effects from the weather – be it crazy heat or intense cold (if you are doing your shoot overseas) – with these useful items.

7) Safety pins & Hair Pins: Always have safety pins and hair pins. Crazy stuff happens at times and you want to be able to salvage things on the spot.

Most Important – Food

If your shoot is scheduled for more than 3 hours, definitely bring snacks along with the absolutely necessary water. Be sensible and bring only easy to eat snacks that won’t ruin your lipstick or leave crumbs all over your outfit; and ALWAYS use straws when drinking water.

At Cine City, there is a dedicated cafeteria from where you can avail snacks, food, soft drinks and mineral water. So, if you are shooting at Cine City, just chill!

Have more amazing tips for pre-wedding or actual day photography? Share them with us here!