8 Reasons Why a Pre-wedding Photoshoot Should Be Essential

“Love begins in a moment, grows over time and lasts an Eternity.” And the beginning has to be just awesome! Isn’t it? As you get engaged to your soulmate, Pre-wedding photoshoot can help you to create moments to cherish for lifetime. 

Years after, it helps your relive your beginning and also applaud the moments into beautiful pieces of snapshot, years after through the pre wedding photograph album. Photograph speaks for itself, very rare has to be mentioned as caption, and so does serve to be the moment seizing

However, at times, we notice couples being quite puzzled about whether they should actually be having a pre-wedding shoot or not. Yes, it does mean a little added expenditure, it does eat into your tight schedule and you have to face the camera a bit more. But, hey! Having a pre-wedding shoot sorts out a cartload of things and it has a whole lot of hidden perks.

Still confused? Here’s me listing all the reasons which are sure to turn your Nay into Yay!

  1. Getting to know each other better:

Pre wedding photoshoot is very good opportunity for the couple to spend some quality time together and ease feelings of awkwardness. This helps couple be more open and expressive about their relationships be it arranged or love marriage. This thing become more significant when you consider most of the marriages in India are arranged marriages.

  1. Develop Rapport with Photographer:

Photographer is the person who would literally stalk you everywhere during the wedding! The Pre-wedding shoot is a session during when the couple can connect and feel comfortable with the photographer. On the other hand, it helps the photographer to know the couple better – their characters, preferences, styles, and most importantly comfort level – and adjust his photography style accordingly.

This ensures that you get some thoughtful photographs which have got some correlation with your lives, stories, or past events, instead of a few cliché pictures.

  1. Facing the Camera:

Many people are camera-shy and may not be comfortable in front of the camera and the crew. This can even spoil your wedding photography. Pre-wedding photoshoot can prove as one of the best ice-breakers, prior to your big event to spend in front of the lens.

Pre-wedding photoshoot is a good chance to start making yourselves used to the idea of having a camera or a bunch of people all around. 

  1. Depict the soul of the relationship- The Chemistry:

Pre wedding photoshoot embarks the initial chemistry letting the couple endure themselves in the upcoming events and let the magic whirl around. It shows the beautiful chemistry and compatibility between the partners so they can enjoy having a glance on it after so many years of successful marriage.

There are many concepts involved in pre wedding likewise, the traditional, the glamorous, the casual, the indigenous, the thematic, and so on as you can choose from. Each has its own aura to be in resemblance with you depicting the soul of the relationship.

  1. Real, Casual & Comfortable:

One great reason is having a more casual photo together that’s professionally produced. Pre-wedding photography help capture the couple in a more relaxed and casual mood rather than the whole grandeur of the wedding when a thousand things run on the heads.

On the day of the wedding, the couple might be too tired with everything happening or just too busy to click some great couple shots. These pre-wedding shoots help in getting some great pictures for the wall.

A pre-wedding shoot gives us the freedom to wear what we want and be in our most comfortable and stylish outfit. You both can be real you and strike more natural, unrestrained, and fun-filled acts and gestures.

  1. Creating Digital Invitation Card & Website; Announcements on Social Media:

In today’s WhatsApp world, Digital Invitation Card is must and some good photographs from pre-wedding shoot will help your kith & kin know whom you are getting married to by face. The couple prefer to take a pew-wedding shoot followed by a video/ photo invitation to their special day. Moreover, the photos make a great backdrop for the ‘save the date’.

Having a nice wedding website is also a trend now-a-days. The website consists of details of both of you, your family, wedding day and other functions. Photos from your pre-wedding photoshoot can make your wedding website look classy and fabulous. Looking for wedding website designer? Click here.

Furthermore, pre-wedding photoshoot gives you the opportunity to showcase your partner on tons of social media platforms. Share them on Facebook, use pics and introduce your hashtag on twitter and Instagram. Make one picture your phone background, or your laptop screen saver.

  1. Introducing the Couple

In Many a weddings, a pre-wedding shoot is also used to introduce the couple and like a movie, the closed circle share their thoughts on the to-be-weds and run it during the wedding for the guests to see. This unveils their characters, preferences, and journey. 

  1. Memories to cherish for Lifetime:

The Photoshoot leaves the couple with the lovely memories in the form of beautiful pre wedding photographs. A nice Chemistry Book can be created which will feature – their story, how they met for the first time, their likes-dislikes, hobbies and interests, etc.

Moreover, the pre-wedding shoot is actually a fun trip – a trip that the couple will always remember and preserve as their finest memories from that time.

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